Huntington, West Virginia (WV)

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Area Code: 304
Prefix (NXX): 710
Calling outside U.S.: +13047103136
City: Huntington
County: Cabell
State: West Virginia
Usage: Wireless
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - WV

304-710-3136 is a Wireless phone number operated by the company named Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - WV and is located in the city of Huntington, West Virginia. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 3047103136.

Comments for 3047103136

#1 Other

They have been calling me all morning. Claiming I entered an online sweepstakes for $5,000 a week for life. I told her no I did not and she proceeded to try and convince me I had. I told her this company was a scam and to remove my name. She hung up on me. I tried calling the number back and I get a recording that this is not a servicable number. BEWARE!!

#2 Telemarketer

this number has repeatedly called.  I finally answered, the guy said I won a Droid Tablet.  Before he could get further, I said no thanks and he hung up.  I called back to tell them to add me to their Do Not Call list and he got pissed and said that the only reason he called is because i registered for sweepsta***.com.  I said to unregister me and he got a major attitude.  sounds like I was talking to someone in prison, not at even the shadiest one room "office" these guys pretend to work at.

#3 Telemarketer

IDoesn't say a name or a business name, just says, "Hello?"  I called and I said I keep phone calls from this number and you need to stop calling.  He asked me for his name  I told him I'm not giving him my name and he tried to sell me something and I kept cutting him off and told him he needs to remove this number and he was rude and he kept trying to give me a sales pitch, and wouldn't take my number.  I hung up on him.

#4 Other

i have this number blocked from ringing on my phone, but have noticed they have called 3 times 1:01pm & 4:44pm Sept 27th and 5:08pm Sunday oct 23rd.  (I hate calls on Sundays and its RUDE to call at 5!!  

They have never left a message.  I called the number back once and the guy answered "Yeah?" real professional!!

#5 Other


#6 Spammer

I did get a call and they hung up when I answered

#7 Other

Someone by the name of "betty Jones" has been calling me incessantly and refusing to remove me from her calling list. She has called representing two separate bushiness.

#8 Telemarketer

Woman said I was approved for a Google Pad and she represented 'Publishers Service.'  I told her I never heard of it and told her to just send me the pad to 'General Delivery' at my zip code.  She kept going....congratulated me on 'mumble mumble' worth $200.  I asked to 'say again'....she repeated and I still didn't understand her.  I asked her if she had a mouthful of rocks.  She said 'Pardon me?'  Then she continued...'Can I confirm the spelling of your last name...H-O-F'.... I cut her off.  'Why the hell are you confirming the spelling of my last name?'  No answer...flustered to find any words.... Then I asked her if she knew I was on the 'do not call' list? Silence.  'No I did not'  Silence...I hung up.  I hate people.

#9 Other

Every time this number calls me I reject it as I am not familiar with this number. Why if legit would they call my cell phone and not my home phone. People will try anything for a buck

#10 Other

Someone from this number keeps calling and asking for Jose. They call several times a day. We have told them several times there is no one here with that name. After three days of this I have told them if they call again I will report them for harassment. Hopefully they will stop calling.

#11 Other

I keep getting calls from this number and whn I call it back some lady just keeps saying hello over and over again.

#12 Other

@Ed , thanks Ed. I get calls from them often but i wont answer it.

#13 Other

this number called me and hung up and you cannot text back

#14 Other

This number needs to stop calling my phone. They just called and said hello but the person on the other end didn't say a damn thing like if they call again im gonna report them cuz these endless calls are getting really annoying.

#15 Other

Got a call from very rude man asking why I registered my phone online if I didn't want him to call. Never registered my PRIVATE cell online - so rude!

#16 Telemarketer


! 7XP

#17 Other

This number called me and said I entered a sweepstakes which I know I didn't and they said I had won an ipad then starting asking me my personal information and I told them over and over I have not entered a sweepstakes and wasn't interested and then I hung up on them.

#18 Telemarketer

I keep getting a call from this number but never answered. One day I did answer and they asked for my wife, I said that she can't come to the phone so can I take a message, the foreign speaking said something about the wife entering a sweepstakes and winning and all they need is some additional informationto send her the prizes. I said that's all fine but how did you get this number to my cell phone because if she applied, she would've given her cell number. They hung up on me after that. I truly think this is some form of scam. Beware of this number.

#19 Other

This number keeps calling so i forward it to my voice mail but they never leave any messages.  seems people are having same issues with this numver.

#20 Other

these are very rude people when the guy said he wanted me to buy magazines i said i was unemployed so he hung up on me, i called back asked to talk to his boss he said he never hung up on me, and i was confused that he never even called me, i again asked for his supervisor and he put me threw t a computer

#21 Other

the same person called me and told me i signed for a magazine that i never heard about. they also told me that they had my info and by log in but i never did that.

#22 Other

This number called me twice yesterday but I misses them. Then it called again today and I picked up. Then it said that I am eligible for some "free membership" and I could win gift card and tablet. Then I told them I have no interest in it and last time some company (sounds like them) charged me monthly fee for that kind of membership. The man got angry and hung up the phone immediate. Very rude and confusing. Kindly warn people that NEVER participate in any "FREE MEMBERSHIP" like this!

#23 Text message

Keeps calling doesn't answer or leave any messages

#24 Other

I have the same number calling me. So, I blocked my number and called back.  It's a promotional call.... saying they have a $100 voucher and so on.  I said no thanks and ended the call.

#25 Other

I have received calls a few times from this number, though they don't leave messages for anyone here, I've called it back, & without my even saying one word but waiting for someone to answer, in return having a woman answer with, "Hello, Debbie, is this Debbie I'm speaking with?"  I didn't utter one word, & was still trying to figure out how they determined my name anyway or how they even had that kind of info.!  I was totally put out by that kind of a greeting, & much more by the call in the first place!!

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Sorry, I put the wrong area code. It's not 301 but a 312 area code. 312-201-6801.

These calls are a minor annoyance, but I have never received these calls "all hours of the day and night." i get the medicare calls maybe 3x a week, daytime hours.  They do not ruin my day.  It is very easy to ignore and get over it  i suppose if a person works 3rd shift it would be a pain  but, I think people who claim their phones are ringing off the hook with telemarketer calls are exaggerating.  There are too many other things in life to get worked up about. The only reason I checked this number is my niece has run away from home and i was hoping she was calling me.

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